Mission Statement

To Motivate and Elevate Compassionate, Courageous Artists by:

Committing to excellence in arts education

Creating a family focused, safe, and supportive environment

Promoting positive self expression, acceptance 

Cultivating , kindness, diversity, and inclusivity, inside and outside of the classroom

Empowering creativity

Focusing on hard work, perseverance, and resilience

Guiding artists to fulfill their dreams



How We Came to Be

What was once a dream, quickly became a reality. With passion and perseverance anything is possible. We look forward to seeing you grow within our walls.



Our team provides exceptional education, compassionate support, and vested interest while guiding your child on their individual creative journey.  We work diligently to maintain a positive, safe environment for children to  freely explore creativity, individuality, and self expression. Through arts education, we focus on integrity, leadership, personal responsibility, professionalism, and positive character building.  While attending MCCA students will: 

  • Learn the importance of self acceptance and individuality
  • Develop self awareness
  • Develop increased self confidence
  • Build self esteem 
  • Strengthen communication, listening, and problem solving skills
  • Engage in thought provoking communication 
  • Receive exceptional personalized instruction in the arts
  • Enhance leadership skills
  • Encourage personal development
  • Build focus and self motivation



Mountain City Center for the Arts, LLC.  believes in the art of combining performance elements with a holistic approach. The focus is to provide superior training in the artistic mediums while focusing on creativity and exploration as a healing tool. We believe in the power of artistic training as not only an outlet for professional and artistic excellence, but also as a means of energizing, uplifting, and inspiring the human spirit.





Our faculty is comprised of top quality professional actors, directors, choreographers, dancers, singers, musicians, and educators. Through their diverse backgrounds, experiences, and training, they are able to create an eclectic yet unified educational experience. They are dedicated to providing students with the best training within a supportive and safe environment.

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