Mission Statement

Mountain City Center for the Arts, LLC.  is a nationally recognized and award winning inclusive performing arts facility located in Western Maryland. MCCA offers the highest quality professional instruction in the arts within a positive, supportive, and inspiring environment. Our company focuses on the journey of the young artist by encouraging personal growth, self esteem, teamwork, and communication skills for all ages. As artists and educators, we are dedicated to creating a safe, positive, family friendly atmosphere in order to motivate creative, courageous, artists. We look forward to being a part of your journey!


How We Came to Be

What was once a dream, quickly became a reality. With passion and perseverance anything is possible. We look forward to seeing you grow within our walls.


To become the premier arts training facility in the state of Maryland

To provide opportunities for students and adults to receive professional quality arts instructions

To expand diversity and cultural awareness

To create a healthier and happier community

To create a safe, supportive space where people of all backgrounds can freely explore creativity, connection, and collaboration

To promote positivity, passion, and purpose inside and outside of the classroom

To provide a space for students and adults to work alongside working professionals within the industry

To build confidence, communication, leadership, and personal growth

To build connections and pathways for other artists to fulfill their personal and professional artistic goals

         To create an artistic “home”  for our students, faculty, and community

 To inspire, to dream, to become the best we can be.



Mountain City Center for the Arts, LLC.  believes in the art of combining performance elements with a holistic approach. The focus is to provide superior training in the artistic mediums while focusing on creativity and exploration as a healing tool. We believe in the power of artistic training as not only an outlet for professional and artistic excellence, but also as a means of energizing, uplifting, and inspiring the human spirit.





Our faculty is comprised of top quality professional actors, directors, choreographers, dancers, singers, musicians, and educators. Through their diverse backgrounds, experiences, and training, they are able to create an eclectic yet unified educational experience. They are dedicated to providing students with the best training within a supportive and safe environment.

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