Jamie McGreevy

Ms. McGreevy holds a Bachelor of Science in Dance from Frostburg State University and a Master of Fine Arts in Choreography from Jacksonville University, Jacksonville, Florida. Jamie has studied intensively with Cari Coble, Christina Teague-Mann, Jill Johnson, Jean-Paul Loppo Martinez, Ana Sanchez-Colberg, Laura Greenhalgh, Yaniv Abraham, Steven  Caras and Alonzo King. McGreevy participated in the Play in the Streets art exhibit (2011), Small Plates Choreography Festival (2014/2017) and presented two works at the Southern Vermont Dance Festival 2015. She has collaborated with numerous musicians in performances that display with power of improvisation in movement and music.  McGreevy has had the honor of performing as a guest artist, teaching Master Classes and judging in Florida, Maryland, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Vermont, Virginia and the island of Curacao. Jamie is a trained yoga guide and certified in Progressing Ballet Technique.

Dancing since age 4, choreographing since age 15 and teaching since age 19, dance has been a driving passion in Jamie’s life and much more than technical training or a simple “pass-time”. It is with this raw passion and joy of movement that she has touched the lives of so many of her students and colleagues. Jamie encourages the brilliances and beautiful of originality and vulnerability in the organic explorations of the arts. Her 2012 thesis publication, Playing Around: An Exploration of Choreographed Movement Using Imagery and Sensory Awareness for a ‘Lived’ Performance Experience McGreevy explored the use of imagery and sensory awareness as tools for creating and maintaining open engagement, exploration, and discovery between performer, spectator and creator in staged performances. The discoveries made
in her graduate research continues to intertwine in her movement, choreography, teaching and everyday life. “Be present and aware in this moment for once it is gone you will only have the memory you create.”

Ms. McGreevy has participated in numerous community outreach programs and performances and continues to advocate for the importance of art in the lives of both children and adults. Jamie is currently coordinator of dance at Mountain City Center for the Arts, an adjunct in the Department of Theatre and Dance at Frostburg State University, a Realtor with The Goodfellow Agency and founder of Move.Capture.Generate and MCG Photography. Above all else, Jamie is most proud to say she is the mother of her beautiful daughter who has taught her more in six years than a lifetime of schooling could
ever teach.

Vimeo: https://vimeo.com/mcgreevy
youtube: jsmcgreevy