Student Video

Watch this beautiful video made completely by MCCA student Sidney Beeman.


MCAA is a place that I had been searching for since I was young and loved to sing. When Coty opened the doors, I felt like I had finally found a place that made a connection with my love of musical theater. MCAA has developed my artistic talents, but also I have grown as an individual through the mentoring I have received from Coty. Whether I was feeling pressure from an upcoming audition or a personal crisis, Coty patiently smoothed my nerves or counseled me until no barriers existed. I have received multiple lead roles and solo performances at my school and in the community due to the strong guidance and in-depth instruction delivered at MCAA. The knowledge, professionalism, and love I have received from MCAA will remain with me as I begin college and I know that I am always welcomed back with open arms. Thanks for making MCAA a safe place where I could just be myself and sing!

— Jewelein Stevenson, MCCA Student

When we registered our girls for dance classes at MCCA in the fall of 2013, we were excited with what MCCA had to offer right here in Frostburg. Little did we know that our family would be getting so much more than just quality dance instruction close to home. The MCCA family, including its staff and students, has truly become an extended family for all of us. Our daughters have received much more than technical lessons in voice, dance, piano and acting. They have developed poise and self-confidence and grown in relationships with others in a safe and supportive environment. We ourselves have enjoyed fitness classes at MCCA and dance instruction from Coty Warn. We are truly blessed to have MCCA in our community and are excited for our MCCA family to continue to grow!

— Jayci and Rob Duncan, MCCA Parents

Coty Warn is the rare individual who is creatively brilliant and has a big vision. She can move audiences with her amazing performances, and now she’s paving pathways for other artists to step fully into their power.

— Lisa Nicole Bell, Media Personality, Producer, Entrepreneur Los Angeles, CA

“My daughter absolutely loves Mountain City Center for the Arts! We have been so very impressed with the owner, Coty Warn-Forno, from day one. Coty is not only enthusiastic, creative, friendly and super talented but her dedication and passion for the arts are obvious to everyone who walks through the doors of MCCA. Whether it’s dance, theatre, fitness or music, you will find an instructor who is accomplished and knowledgeable in their own right. Coty has helped build my daughter’s vocal and acting abilities not to mention her on-stage confidence. From teaching her breathing techniques to learning how to hold a certain note longer, Coty has improved my daughter’s skills right before my eyes. This has helped tremendously with auditions, plays and school events. My daughter has also made many quality friendships that she will cherish for a lifetime. We are so very happy to be part of the MCCA family.”

— Hannah Eisenhour, MCCA Parent

“MCAA is not a performing arts center, it is a home. The experiences my daughter has received as a student at MCAA is exceptional. Coty reaches the “whole” child by building talents in the arts, along with developing a strong, confident foundation that will continue to make my daughter successful into college and her future career. Coty teaches from the heart, showing students her passion for performing while holding them to high expectations as representatives of the center. MCAA provides an invaluable asset in the community – a place that houses extraordinary talent, instructional expertise, and above all, love for the students!”

— Lisa Stevenson, MCCA Parent

“My daughter has always loved to dance and been very active in the local dance community. Since beginning classes at MCCA, Sabrina’s love of dance has expanded to include all of the performing arts including musical theater and vocal performance. The staff and environment at MCCA has been encouraging and dedicated, all while pushing my daughter to explore and excel in new avenues to express her talents. The guidance she has received while studying here has been invaluable. As she approaches her senior year, I look forward to the continued growth in her dance, vocal, and performance skills that she could only receive here at MCCA.”

— Stacy and Jim Frost, MCCA Parents

“Coty Warn, Master Teacher, is by far one of the finest faculty members I have ever employed. Her knowledge of the arts and ability to pass that forward to her students will launch many broadway careers in the future. Her skills as an acting professional put her at the top of her field. She crosses the footlights of any stage she steps upon. Coty is a true star!!”

— Colleen Petrucci, G.M. / Conservatory Director, Pittsburgh Musical Theater

“Coty Warn is the rare individual who is creatively brilliant and has a big vision. She can move audiences with her amazing performances, and now she’s paving pathways for other artists to step fully into their power.”

— Lisa Nicole Bell ­ Media Personality, Producer, Entrepreneur Los Angeles, CA

“Coty Warn is an amazing dancer and DIO ® instructor. When she came to our DIO ® certification, Coty’s personality and passion lit up the room! We can’t wait to take your DIO ® class. See you soon Coty!”

— Billy Blanks Jr. and Sharon Catherine Blanks, Creators of Dance It Out (DIO) ®

“Coty Warn is an excellent performer, choreographer, teacher and most importantly an all around outstanding person. It was an honor to have her part of the RWS and Associates team for so many years. I look forward to seeing what her future brings.”

— Ryan Stana, Chief Executive Officer RWS and Associates, NY

“There are very few people in the world that constantly exude light and positive energy. No matter what hat she wears; be it actress, teacher, director, friend, daughter, etc. she wears it with such a flare that makes anyone want to be near her and be a part of her gift. Coty is one of the most talented people I know, but her talent pales in comparison to her gorgeous soul.”

— Emily Lynne Miller­, Equity Actress, Recording Artist, Teacher/Mentor with Pittsburgh Musical Theater, Pittsburgh, PA

“Without a doubt, Coty Warn is one of the most talented and charismatic actors I’ve worked with in a long time. Her personality and enthusiasm is magnetic, and students are naturally drawn to her as a teacher and a mentor. Ms. Warn is reliable, dedicated, highly professional, and an absolute pleasure to work with.”

— Kristen Link, Director of Education for City Theatre Company, Pittsburgh, PA

“I had the pleasure of working with Coty Warn as both a fellow performer and a co-teacher/director for In this time I was fortunate to work side by side with her on several projects and she quickly became one of my favorite people to collaborate with. Coty is one of the most passionate artists I have come across. She truly loves her craft and it shines through in all she does no matter if it is “behind the table” or in the spotlight. Her creativity is equaled by her attention to detail, work ethic and expectation of excellence in those around her. She is always the consummate professional and sets the highest example for her students or younger performers in a cast with her.

As a teacher and director, she is truly inspirational to her students. She pushes them to reach farther than they thought they could, but always coaches from a place of respect and encouragement. You can feel her warmth and level of care for her students the second you walk in a room. She never lets a student give up on themselves, but guides them to new and deeper understanding of themselves as young actors and musical theater performers.

Coty’s eye for staging and choreography is original and inspired, she can transform a bare stage into a believable world unto itself with nothing more than actor boxes and her cast. She is precise and driven as a choreographer, she will never settle for “good enough” but is right in there sweating with her cast until every actor is sharp, strong and confident in their number. This is by no means surprising to anyone who has seen her on stage, she asks no more of her cast than she gives as a performer.

Coty is also one of the most positive people I have ever come across in this industry. She always looks for the best in a student, colleague or project and brings a genuine enthusiasm to each and every class or rehearsal. I always looked forward to walking in and starting our day, no doubt with a new exciting idea and a smile from Ms. Warn. “

— Jennifer Smith Lybarger, Actress/Teacher/Director Pittsburgh Musical Theater Pittsburgh CAPA 6-12

“Coty Warn is one of a kind, down home, caring, passionate, a perfect friend, and consummate professional. As a performer, she is unbelievably talented and giving. You could ask for nothing more in a co-star. As a singer, she has the voice of an angel. Yet, far beyond her abilities on stage, her work ethic makes her second to none. She has great vision for the arts and is a gifted teacher and a wonderful administrator. Everything she touches seems to be blessed just by association. Coty is the type that if one were ever offered the chance to work with her – that person should drop everything on the plate and take up that offer. I could only be so lucky if I am ever given the chance to work with her again. If she was a ballplayer the scouts would say she “is a five tool player.” As a performer, coach and producer — it is safe to say she is “the real deal.”

— Eddie Frierson, co-star of WARTIME ROMANCE, SAG-AFTRA Voice Voice Over Artist, Author and creator of MATTY: AN EVENING WITH CHRISTY MATHEWSON, Los Angeles, CA

“Coty Warn was by far the most spirited, energetic and caring teaching artist I had in all my years of working with the City Theatre Young Playwrights program. Her creative techniques inspired me to spice up my own teaching methods. She gave my students an experience that many said they will never forget. Coty took them to a creative level they had never encountered and made them see writing and performing as something worthwhile, fun, cool and meaningful.”

— Brandy LaQuatra, Washington High School­ Washington, PA English/Performing Arts Teacher/Director

“Coty Warn has a love and dedication for her craft that shines through in every aspect of her career. She is not only a true talent, but also a joy to work with – a guaranteed success!”

— Danielle Kramer, Senior Creative Producer, RWS and Associates, NY

“Jamie McGreevy’s teaching and choreography, for me, represents a step further in the evolution of dance and performed movement. In Jamie, one finds a person who has transcended the “rules” of dance. It has been said that one must know the rules before they are allowed to break them, and Jamie clearly demonstrates an intimate relationship with the rules that she has gained through battery of experience. She has begun to push and bend rules and expectations to their breaking point. Jamie is constantly pushes her dancers to find their most natural movement on stage; she asks them to challenge their previous conceptions that dance always has to be beautiful, identical, or rigidly consistent. Her dancers find themselves liberated from the tired “5,6,7,8.” They find themselves with wings on their bare feet, and perhaps more importantly, wings on their imagination. Through a keen eye for movement, costume, lighting, and design, Jamie crafts a performance that has constantly sparked thought and discussion in her audience. In short, Jamie and her students are dancing outside the lines.”

— Scott Turner, FSU Alumi ‘13

“Jamie McGreevy is the epitome of a dance professional. She’s a confidant when you need her. She’s a motivator when you feel defeated. She is hard when you’re lazy and she holds nothing back. She expects the best from her dancers, and being the outstanding person she is, her dancers push themselves to prove her right, that we are nothing short but the best and we give our all. She has pushed me to my limit and beyond and I am truly thankful and grateful that I was one of students”

— Caitlin Moore, FSU Alumni ‘13

“In all of the years that I have been a dancer, it was always something that was a routine … That I have always done and never thought twice about it. It wasn’t until I came to Frostburg state dance company under the direction of Jamie Mcgreevy, that I realized my love for dance. The time and dedication she puts into her craft and to make us better people and dancers is amazing. She allows us to be US instead of trying to be something we are not, she helps us explore and go deeper into our personal selves to develop our own sense of selves. Her choreography is amazing and nothing that I have ever done before. The creativity and effort she puts into the choreography is great. She is always trying to find new ways to explore in our journeys as dancers. She is an overall great person who loves what she does.”