Arts in the Schools

Partnered with Evergreen Heritage Center, MCCA participates in the Arts in the Schools program.  The program began in 2015 after the Allegany Arts Council contracted with the Evergreen Heritage Center Foundation.

Arts in the Schools programs for third and fifth grades are sponsored by the Maryland State Arts Council, the Allegany Arts Council, and the Nora Roberts Foundation. The programs take an interdisciplinary approach to teaching about the environment, and feature art creation from recycled products, painting, dancing, poetry, and music. These half-day in-school programs run from November to March.

Teacher Training

Once again partnered with Evergreen Heritage Center, the staff of MCCA came together to provide an in-service training session for Allegany County music teachers.  The focus of the training was on resilience and refresh as teachers were preparing to return to the classroom for the 2018-19 school year.