Every year MCCA staff and students work to give back to our community.  We take a week every year and select local organizations who need assistance.  Our staff and students learn about the organizations, what they do to help members of our community and then collect donations to go toward their organization.  It’s our way of helping and expanding awareness of local organizations who are doing to wonderful job in our area.

We take the opportunity during this week to work into our regular lessons additional information on understanding, acceptance, helping others, community involvement and more.

Earlier this year, we focused our efforts on helping our local animal shelter, providing school supplies for local ministry outreach programs, sending books and supplies to a woman’s shelter and a book distribution organization, two community theatre programs one of which supports ALS research and another which recently lost their theatre in a fire, our community food pantry and a national foundation focused on expanding theatre programs in areas that have none.

We’re honored to do any small part that we can to help our fellow community members as well as passing onto our students how to be better stewards in their community.  If you’re interested in MCCA helping your organization, please reach out to us!