Our Spring Semester runs from January 21st through May 20th.

Current customers can log into the Customer Portal for class information and to register for additional classes.

New customers can click on the Class Listing menu at the top of the page for complete class information.  You can also click on a specific genre in the class listing dropdown.  You can also call the center at (240) 357-0699 with any questions.

Call or log into the Customer Portal for pricing information.


There is a minimum enrollment of 4 students per class. If that enrollment is not met the class will be rescheduled or canceled. Private lessons students must give 24hr notice of a cancelation in order to receive a make-up class. Otherwise, the lesson will be forfeited.


Payments can be made in full at the beginning of the semester or by using our payment plan options. Payments received 5 days after the scheduled payment date will be charged a $10 late fee. Payments can be made via electronic check on our online system or in the studio with cash, check, Visa or Mastercard.  All balances must be paid in full prior to the end of semester showcase in order for your student to participate.

Make Up Classes

Students may reschedule in any other available class, according to their ability. In the rare event of a cancellation, a makeup class will be offered. Please inquire about other available class times.


We encourage you to stress the importance of NOT MISSING CLASSES unless there is a real emergency or illness. Regular and consistent attendance is important as well as arriving on time. If a student arrives more than 15 minutes past beginning of class or rehearsal time the student may be asked observe for safety and etiquette purposes. This is at the discretion of the teacher. If a student will knowingly miss class due to illness, an activity, or appointment, he/she should notify MCCA.

Level Placement

At MCCA we want each student to have the best experience possible and receive the correct training. Therefore, all new students must be enrolled in a level one class. This is truly for the benefit of the beginner dancer as it is imperative to build a solid foundation in the technical elements of dance. Similar to any sport requiring difficult motor skills and dexterity of movement, disciplined and regular practice will lead to quicker advancement. We hope this information will enable parents and students to better understand the actual “time line” of development in a dancer’s training and that there is nothing unusual about the gradual advancement from level to level. Advancement to the next level requires a minimum of two semesters in a level one class, an interview with the teacher, and permission of the dance teacher to move forward. Students may bypass a level only through an audition for the MCCA faculty.

Weather Cancellation Policy

In the event of bad weather, please check the Important Info page, your email or the MTN City Center for the Arts Facebook page for updates on cancelations.  You may also sign up for text alerts by clicking here.